Northwest Swan Conservation Association

Our Mission: Stewardship and conservation of Trumpeter and Tundra swans and their habitats.

GPlowman-3-family-fly_DSC0646_edited-1_filtered-1920x1209)The Northwest Swan Conservation Association is committed to the conservation of our native swans, both Trumpeter and Tundra, in Washington State and around the northwest region. As the challenges facing swans changed here in Washington, there was a need to establish a local organization dedicated to the stewardship and conservation of our native swans. The programs and “on the ground” involvement with swans that our founder, Martha Jordan, established over her career as she worked independently or as Chair of the Washington Swan Stewards (affiliated with The Trumpeter Swan Society, Plymouth, MN) will continue. This shift to a locally based group will allow us to build strong regional partnerships that are sensitive to local conditions and become more effective to meet the ongoing challenges that face these magnificent birds.

We are accomplishing our mission through education, outreach, and on the ground conservation efforts. Our focus includes both species of indigenous swans, Trumpeter and Tundra, as they often occur together on the wintering grounds sharing the same habitats and have similar conservation needs and concerns. We are active throughout the entire state of Washington, although the needs of swans vary depending on which side of the Cascade Mountain range the swans are located.

Executive Director – Martha Jordan

Martha-amd-cygnetMartha received her wildlife science degree from Oregon State University, Corvallis. Her interest in swans began in the late 1970s while working with collared snow geese in the Skagit Valley near Mt. Vernon, Washington. Martha has been a major contributor to state and federal agencies, documenting the status of Trumpeter Swans in the state of Washington, helping to protect key habitats and reduce mortality from lead poisoning and powerline collisions, and helping in development of the first Washington State section of the Pacific Flyway Trumpeter Swan Management Plan.

In the early 1980s she established the Washington Swan Working Group (later known as the Washington Swan Stewards), affiliated with The Trumpeter Swan Society. She chaired this group from its’ beginning to 2015during the many years that she worked as an independent contractor. Martha served as a Board member of The Trumpeter Swan Society from 1985-2009. She left TTSS in 2015 to found NWSCA and brings her 36 years of expertise to build strong partnerships that will promote the welfare and vitality of both Trumpeter and Tundra swans in Washington and throughout the northwest.